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COCO (white) > BEBE (16CM)

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selling price 190 USD
Manufacturer ADViilage
Brand ADViilage
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  • Product information

    Product Description

    Includings : 
       Doll(assembled) basic box, cotton cushion, Certificate
       Eyes( Glass eyes, color is random)
    * Option : 
       Make-up:(special make-up) 
       Clothes: Sweet -(Ribbon,dressr,pants,socks)

    Processing time: 60 business days
    Payment option: Paypal
    Order email:
    (Please tell us your shipping address and postcode, we will calculate the shipping cost for you

    * You can't cancel the make-to-order products, so please check the Ordering information and FAQ when you make an order

    * We don't service layaway or payment in installments for basic dolls.

    * All product will be made with the highest quality sunscreen regardless of skin type.

    * Little speck and small bubbles are not considered as a problem.

    * In case of dark skin dolls, there can be gate marks on shoulders, wrist, ankles and etc.

    * If a doll is exposed to light (sunlight or indoor light) for a long time skin can turn yellow so please avoid any kind of light.

    * The pictures shoot outside will look a little different from its own skin color because of its various lights.

    * Please be advised that Skin Colors may look different from your monitor set up.

    *Please be advised and careful about that her face up, blushing, or painting has possibility to be peeled off depending on users conditions


    Product Information Notice

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